Why I love photography
Monday, April 29, 2019
By Saige Reaves
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Some of you might ask "why do you love photography?" Honestly, there is just something about capturing a moment and being able to freeze time for just a second. To give something to my client that they can hold in their hands and look back on for years to come, something that will bring a smile to their face as they feel those same emotions they felt when that picture was taken, joy, laughter, love and maybe even some tears. It's like having a time capsule that you can open up and look back on forever, maybe it will inspire you or give you hope for the future, but most of all it's something that you can share for generations to come. As a kid, I loved going through my old family photos, getting to see and remember special moments we had together always brought joy to my heart. It is so special to have those memories you never want to forget captured and put on a piece of paper, it gives you hope and something to look forward to like all the new memories you will have in the future. Life is so beautiful, what better way to capture it than through my lens. What I hope for people when they see my pictures is that they will feel something in their heart that sparks that same emotion captured in the picture and they just can't help but smile and see that life is beautiful. 


Saige Reaves

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